Treefrog is the same great prefinished veneer.
The new backer makes it even better.

Treefrog 40404 Walnut Straight Grain retail millwork

The Good News

Treefrog’s current laminate backer is being replaced by a new color matched wood backer on every Treefrog veneer. This eliminates the brown laminate edge and makes fabrication easier. The new backer is lighter, more flexible and runs cross grain to the veneer face, making it stable too.

The Better News

It’s still the same great quality wood veneer Treefrog has been selling for 20 years. It’s made in Italy and stocked in USA by Treefrog. The veneer face will be the same as it’s always been. The only thing changing is the backer. And the fact that Treefrog is now (and once again) FSC-certified.

Treefrog FSC C194253
Treefrog venner new wood backer 40219 white oak

The Best News! Treefrog is launching 11 new designs,
including 7 European designer finishes.

Treefrog 1212F ALPI Xilo Noce Italiano Striped - circles wall

These new on-trend veneers feature a selection of lighter veneer with natural veneer looks and finishing. Plus, we’re reissuing #44922 Blasted Oak with a softer, more natural Touch polyurethane topcoat that lets you feel more of the wood grain. It is standard on several of the new veneers too. We’re also offering several new shades of White Oak, like Natural and Golden Oak and our popular White Oak in the new Touch finish.

The new Treefrog SKU numbering system is really simple, we only changed the first number.

To differentiate veneers with the new backer, we changed every product SKUs but since our veneers look the same (only the backer changes), we changed only the first number from a “6” to a “4” to make it easier to reorder what you ordered before. The 7 new designer finishes have different numbers, from ALPI, our Italian supplier.

double shot of before and after of sku numbers

How we’re doing the transition to new Treefrog:
Inventory of “Old” Treefrog and “New” Treefrog.

Treefrog 40222 White Oak Touch Arches cropped

Treefrog currently has inventory of “old” and “new” Treefrog. We are maintaining inventory of “old” Treefrog until inventory is depleted. “Old” Treefrog can be found at the bottom of “All veneers on one page”, under Discontinued and Low Inventory. We have considerable inventory of both but it can sell quickly and we will be removing “old’ Treefrog as inventory is depleted. We cannot order more with a laminate backer. Our sales and customer service team can provide inventory levels of certain SKUs.

Some Treefrog veneers are being completely discontinued.
See list below.

kitchen designed using Treefrog 1850F

Items listed below are discontinued. We are not transitioning them to the new wood backer material. We will continue to sell inventory of these materials. Once exhausted, discontinued items can still be ordered with wood backer and significant minimums, 200 plus sheets, on order-by-order basis.

Wenge Groove


Wenge Lati Groove

Teak Straight Grain

Light Oak Groove

Black Oak Straight Grain

Silver Ash Figured


Madagascar Ebony

Ebony Safari

Mocha Oak

Blasted Oak Groove
(switched to 44922)

Walnut SG Unfinished

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