Specify Treefrog because you want the beauty
of real wood and the ease of a laminate.

Every sheet of Treefrog Veneer showcases the rich, soothing and timeless beauty of real wood. It's not printed, it's not plastic. It's real. Place a sample of Treefrog next to a laminate that's not real wood and see the dramatic difference.

Second, because it's HPL backed, Treefrog is easy to apply. Fabricators familiar with laminate application already know how to apply Treefrog. The HPL back helps ensure proper adhesion and a successful installation.

Adding to the simplicity, Treefrog is pre-finished. No doubts or worries about how the wood will look when finish is applied. It already is. What you see is what you get. A consistently beautiful, oftentimes breathtaking sheet of real wood that applies as easily as a laminate.

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