Buying direct from Treefrog.

Treefrog has a long history of selling directly to OEMs, furniture companies and manufacturers. This purchasing option exists for customers who meet specific conditions.

First, quantity. Product minimums start around 500 sheets annually. This can include annual POs, blanket orders for monthly orders and other options.

Second, custom designs. Treefrog has several custom veneers we’ve developed for manufacturers. These non-standard materials usually involve R&D time on our part, and order volume commitments on the part of our customers.

Third, usage. Selling direct doesn’t apply to say, a large, one time, hospitality project. Our distributor network can cover these projects well and will work to ensure the best pricing. Direct selling is reserved for manufacturers who are making Treefrog part of the products they produce regularly, and Treefrog is looking to build multi-year relationships with guaranteed product minimums. In turn, Treefrog can offer regular supply and cost-effective pricing.

Many of our direct customers come to us through the work of our distributor network, and, in the case of large orders where cost efficiency is an issue, we regularly include distributors in a commission structure.

To determine if your material needs qualify you to buy direct, please contact:

Paul Pickunka, VP Sales
800 807-7341

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